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Visit The company web site regardless of how stunning or awesome this has been crafted, it shall do nothing at all for you without the high-quality targeted traffic that #1 Google Ranking Positions can locate you.

Have you ever considered how significant is that the business website is on the first page of Yahoo and Google?

99% of Google searches begin and stop on the first page.
That indicates that folks seek no further than on the initial listings.
They're going to get what they’re trying to find and they will be lost for your opponents.

The world-wide-web, combined with smart-phones have changed out the phonebook, a prospective customer is constantly in search of services around them and Google is clever enough to give them accurately what they might need thru localised searches hence they are able to match the searcher's requirements.

Is it possible for you to realize the significances on this?

It means that despite how giant & significant the niche or market is, if you will not be at the very first page of Search engines you acquire just about No visitors, no views and zero reach.

It implies that having the power of the world-wide-web revealed onto your organization will just become a fantasy.